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Thief Update v1.4-RELOADED Fitgirl Repack: What You Need to Know

Thief Update v1.4-RELOADED Fitgirl Repack: What You Need to Know

Thief is a stealth action game that was released in 2014 by Eidos-MontrÃal and Square Enix. It follows the adventures of Garrett, a master thief who operates in a dark and oppressive city. The game received mixed reviews from critics and players, who praised its graphics, atmosphere, and gameplay mechanics, but criticized its story, level design, and technical issues.

Thief.Update.v1.4-RELOADED Fitgirl Repack

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In order to improve the game's performance and fix some of the bugs, the developers released several updates for Thief, including the v1.4 patch that was released in April 2014. This patch added support for AMD Mantle technology, improved loading times, fixed some crashes and glitches, and tweaked some gameplay elements.

However, some players may not have access to the official updates due to various reasons, such as region restrictions, DRM limitations, or lack of internet connection. In that case, they may resort to using unofficial patches or repacks that modify the game files and bypass some of the restrictions. One of the most popular sources of such repacks is Fitgirl, a website that offers highly compressed versions of various games with optional components and selective downloads.

One of the repacks that Fitgirl offers is for Thief Update v1.4-RELOADED, which is based on the release by RELOADED, a group of crackers who cracked the game's DRM protection. This repack includes the game version v1.4 with all DLCs and bonus content, such as OST and comic. It also allows users to choose which language packs they want to install and skip downloading unnecessary files. The repack size is significantly smaller than the original release, ranging from 9.8 GB to 11.9 GB depending on selected components.

However, using such repacks may also have some drawbacks or risks, such as compatibility issues, corrupted files, malware infections, legal troubles, or ethical concerns. Therefore, users should be careful and cautious when downloading and installing such repacks and always scan them for viruses before running them. Moreover, users should also support the developers by buying the original game if they enjoy it and can afford it.Thief Game Review: A Mixed Bag of Stealth and Story

Thief is a game that tries to appeal to both fans of the classic stealth series and newcomers who are looking for a modern action game. However, in doing so, it fails to deliver a satisfying experience for either group. While the game has some moments of tense and rewarding stealth gameplay, it also suffers from a weak story, bland characters, technical issues, and linear level design.

The game puts you in the role of Garrett, a master thief who operates in a dark and oppressive city. Garrett is not a hero or a villain; he is simply a professional who steals anything that has value. He does not care about the political turmoil or the mysterious plague that is ravaging the city; he only cares about his next score. However, his life changes when he witnesses a strange ritual that kills his apprentice and gives him a mysterious power. He then becomes involved in a conspiracy that involves an ancient artifact, a ruthless baron, and a charismatic rebel leader.

The story of Thief is poorly told and uninteresting. The plot is full of cliches, inconsistencies, and loose ends. The characters are flat and forgettable, especially Garrett, who has no personality or motivation. The dialogue is dull and poorly lip-synced. The cutscenes are poorly directed and animated. The game tries to create a dark and gritty atmosphere, but it ends up being boring and depressing.

The gameplay of Thief is divided into two parts: the story missions and the city hub. The story missions are linear and scripted sequences that force you to follow a certain path and objective. They often involve sneaking past guards, disabling traps, picking locks, finding clues, and stealing valuables. The city hub is an open-world area that allows you to explore the streets, rooftops, sewers, and buildings of the city. You can find side missions, collectibles, secrets, and shops in the city hub.

The stealth gameplay of Thief is its strongest aspect. You have to use your skills and tools to avoid detection and overcome obstacles. You can use shadows, sound, and line of sight to hide from enemies. You can use various arrows, such as water arrows to extinguish lights or rope arrows to create new paths. You can also use your focus ability to highlight interactive objects or slow down time. You can choose to be lethal or non-lethal in your approach, but killing enemies will lower your rating at the end of each mission.

However, the stealth gameplay of Thief is also hampered by some flaws. The level design is often restrictive and linear, offering little room for creativity or exploration. The AI is inconsistent and buggy, sometimes ignoring your presence or getting stuck on objects. The combat is clunky and frustrating, forcing you to rely on dodging and countering attacks. The game also has frequent loading screens that break the immersion and flow of the game.

Thief is a game that has some potential but fails to live up to it. It is a disappointing reboot that does not honor its legacy or innovate its genre. It is a game that tries to be everything but ends up being nothing. 0efd9a6b88


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