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Mogamul Tamil Novel PDF Download - A Review of Thi. Janakiraman's Classic

If you are looking for a mogamul tamil novel pdf download, you might be interested in reading Thi. Janakiraman's masterpiece, Moga Mul. This novel is considered as one of the best works of modern Tamil literature and has been translated into many Indian languages and adapted into a movie. Here is a brief overview of the novel and its author, as well as some links to download the pdf version online.

What is Moga Mul?

Moga Mul (meaning "thorn of desire") is a love story that spans over two decades and explores the themes of passion, devotion, sacrifice, and betrayal. It's set in 1930-1940s Kumbakonam, Papanasam and Thanjavur region. The novel is fairly long (663 pages) and describes in so much detail how day to day life was, the festivities, the family dynamics, social issues and most importantly the finer aspects of learning music.


The novel revolves around the lives of two main characters: Parimala and Bharati. Parimala is a beautiful and talented singer who belongs to a lower caste and lives in poverty. Bharati is a wealthy and handsome Brahmin who falls in love with Parimala's voice and becomes her patron and lover. Their relationship faces many challenges and obstacles, such as social stigma, family opposition, personal conflicts, and rivalries. The novel depicts how their love evolves over time and how it affects their lives and the lives of those around them.

Who is Thi. Janakiraman?

Thi. Janakiraman (also known as Thi Jaa) was a prominent Tamil writer who lived from 1921 to 1983. He was one of the pioneers of the modern Tamil novel and was influenced by the works of Pudumaipithan, R.K. Narayan, and Somerset Maugham. He wrote more than 30 novels and 200 short stories, as well as essays, plays, and travelogues. He was also a founding member of the literary magazine Manikodi, which played a significant role in shaping the Tamil literary scene in the 20th century.

Thi. Janakiraman was known for his realistic and psychological portrayal of characters, his vivid description of settings, his subtle humor, and his elegant style. He explored various themes such as love, marriage, family, society, culture, religion, politics, and history in his works. Some of his famous novels include Amma Vandhaal (Mother Came), Marappasu (Wooden Doll), Sembaruthi (Hibiscus), and Chembaruthi (Red Hibiscus). He also wrote several historical novels based on the Chola dynasty, such as Kalingathu Parani (The Garland of Kalinga) and Ponniyin Selvan (The Son of Ponni).

Where to Download Moga Mul PDF?

If you want to read Moga Mul online or download it as a pdf file, you have several options available. You can buy the Kindle edition from Amazon or the paperback edition from other online stores. You can also find some free pdf versions on various websites , but be careful about the quality and legality of these sources. Alternatively, you can borrow the book from a library or a friend if you prefer to read it in print.

Whatever option you choose, we hope you enjoy reading this classic Tamil novel and appreciate its beauty and depth. Moga Mul is a novel that will stay with you for a long time and make you think about the meaning of love and life.


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